South Valley Players Named to ODP Player Pools!

Posted by SVSC Webmaster on Apr 06 2017 at 09:52PM PDT

South Valley Thunder has been well represented in the 2017 CalSouth ODP player pool selections! A big congratulations to Jillian Garland, Taylor Lynch, Maggie Solis and Anniston Zielsdorf, all players from South Valley G06 Gore, who participated in the girls’ 2006 ODP regional training camp last month. This coming weekend, we have eight more players headed to their respective ODP regional training camps! South Valley G05 Chambers’ Jaidynn Hill, Sophie Stanley, Dallas Williford and Indiana Chambers; and South Valley B05 Dold’s Benjamin Jimenez, Joaquin Souza, Justin Torres, and Johathan Garcia were all named to the 2005 pools. Good luck this weekend, and GO THUNDER!