South Valley Players Named to ODP Pool!

Posted by SVSC Webmaster on Mar 31 2019 at 07:17PM PDT

Congratulations to our 2005-2008 players who have been named to this season’s CalSouth ODP pool. This is a great accomplishment, and we wish you the best!

Isabella Arias-Lasalde / G08 White
Olivia Garcia / G08 White
Camila Jiminez / G08 White
Sasha Mariani / G08 White
Kayden Rivas / G08
Hayden Gehring / G07 Foster
Sidney Cyrus / G06 Gore
Lindy Touchstone / G06 Gore
Raddison Banks / G04 Carter (2005 pool)
Abby Buys / G05 Gore


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