South Valley Teams Finish Top-notch Fall League Seasons!

Posted by SVSC Webmaster on Dec 08 2011 at 01:00PM PST

South Valley had a number of teams finish among the top of their respective fall league brackets. For Coast Soccer League teams, this has made five of our teams eligible for 2012/13 league promotion requests:

- G93, 1st place Gold, coached by Jason Carter
- G95, 2nd place Gold, coached by Shelby Klippel
- G98, 2nd place Silver Elite North, coached by Dominic Othart
- G00, 3rd place Bronze North, coached by Monica Chambers
- G01, 2nd place Bronze North, coached by Troy Lynch

Additionally, our G02 team, coached by Jay Gore, played in the Bakersfield Girls’ Soccer League this year and won the U10 division as a U9 team.

Congratulations on a great fall season to all South Valley teams . . . lots of smiling faces and improved players!